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Robotic prostate surgery is gaining popularity. If detected and treated in the early stages prostate cancer is a disease which is curable without surgical procedures. But despite the availability of effective medications and treatment methods there are cases of prostate cancers where the only option available is to remove the cancer from the body. Though prostate surgery is a popular procedure, patients are often put off by the fear of scars, hospitalization, recovery period and usual worries associated with any surgery. If the situations comes for you to go under the doctor's scalpel to get the prostate cancer removed, robotic prostate surgery is an option you should seriously consider. If you have ever played a video game the robotic prostate surgery procedure will look familiar to you. But it is a serious action in which the doctor rather than using his own hands to hold the scalpel connects sensors to his hands using special gloves. The doctor thus can move his hands more freely to operate the robotic arms that actually perform the surgery. The close up view from the inside is provided by the cameras and the magnifiers.

Advantages Of Robotic Prostate Surgery

The biggest advantage would be the instruments used. These are different from the traditional ones as these are more slender and thus resulting in the need of smaller holes in the body to perform the operation, which in turn results in less scars and faster recovery. With a recovery time that's weeks less than the recovery time in traditional prostate surgery the robotic prostate surgery has less immediate impact on the patient's life. This is only possible because of the magnified view and the subtle movements possible with the robotic arm which are not possible for a surgeon performing the operation himself.

Disadvantages Of Robotic Prostate Surgery

The disadvantages of robotic prostate surgery are a concern for the doctor more than the patient. The biggest disadvantage from a doctor's point of view would be the lack of tactile feedback from the robotic arms. In case of any kind of resistance in the body the robotic arm cannot make the doctor feel it which is situation no surgeon would be comfortable with. This is the very reason many doctors would feel the robotic prostate surgery to be an exhausting exercise if they are not used to it. Being a relatively new procedure very few doctors have only started practicing robotic prostate surgery. Therefore chances are that even if you opt for a robotic prostate surgery you may not find the facilities available in your area. It is to be noted that the advantages of the robotic prostate surgery as good enough for you to at least consult with your doctor on the possibility of having a robotic prostate surgery in case u need a surgery at all and hope for a speedy recovery.

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